New Poetry Book Just Published

Hello everyone, I’ve just published my poetry collection from 2021, entitled Writing Notebook 2021.

You may say, What an imaginative title! My goodness! And I’ll explain that all through the year 2021, as I accumulated the poems into the manuscript, I used this title as a placeholder.

Well, I got used to it and then I started to like it and what do you know, now it’s the official name of the book.

Anyway, the book is available on Amazon, right here: Writing Notebook 2021.

New Poetry Book

My latest in-print book is now…in print.

It’s a Little Vines Collection. If you’d like a copy, here it is on Amazon.

Thank you to everyone who reads my work, comments, and encourages me. It means a lot to me.

Another New Book, Yes, But This One Is a Little Different…

You are used to seeing announcements of my poetry books, but this time, I have something new to show you – this book contains all the Minuscule stories I have written, each one accompanied by a concluding haiku/shadorma/tanka…and, I have illustrated each selection as well.

See? Very different. And I am excited about seeing it all in print.

Minuscule book cover 201801

As background, I started writing the two-sentence stories that I call Minuscule about a year ago. You have read some of them on this blog. Once I realized I had a little collection, I decided to put them in print, and then the illustrations seemed a natural addition.

I used India ink and a bamboo brush to create them. Here are a couple of examples:

I will continue to post the stories until I get to the end of the book, but I’m not going to give them their illustrations here – since I didn’t have them done for the earlier stories on the blog, it just somehow didn’t seem right to start in right now in the middle. (I do like symmetry.) The book is available on Amazon, though, and you can get the whole experience in print if you like.

Can I Think of A Different Way to Say “New Book”?

No, I can’t. So I’ll stick with the usual – here is my latest volume of poetry, written during April May June 2018, most all of it during Marathon sessions. If you follow those posts, you will have read some of the poems contained in this volume, and that might whet your appetite for more? Anyway, here the book is, print and paper.

Like all my other books, it is available at Amazon – look here.


Pink Chalk Book Cover small

Get the Picture

From Look Winter in the Face, published in 2015.


Get the Picture

The book is lying on the table
the postcard marking my place
but I realize the postcard seems to have more to say
than the book.
I’ve kept on reading
the book I mean
but now I’m thinking the book exists
to keep the postcard safe.

Left Town in a Book - painting

“Left Town in a Book” – acrylics, 2014.

Latest Poetry Book – “Rearrange”

Yes, I have finished it: Rearrange, it is called, and it contains poetry written October through December 2017, all of it done in sessions of the Installment Plan Poetry Marathon process. If I didn’t come up with the poem at a session, well, then, I worked on it during one, that’s what I mean by that.

It joins the three earlier books from 2017, Refuge, Repairs, and Redirection. And as you know, I have published other poetry books as well, one mystery novel, and one work of literary criticism.

All right. Rearrange is available at And if you visit my author page , you can take a look at all the books I’ve written.

Once again, thanks for reading my work. I appreciate it.


Rearrange book cover 1-18001

Audio Book

From the collection Picture Making, published 2017. The three photos served as the inspiration for the poem. For more information, look here.


Audio Book

The voice reading to me the book I chose
from all the ones on the shelf I could have chosen
gives no hint as to whether
I made the right decision.
It is a pleasant firm voice,
clear and strong. I shut my eyes –
the ones that don’t see too well
even in bright light –
and listen. What a relief it is just to
to the story
read by the strong firm voice
as a river
tracing a smoothed-out spiky path
flowing in a split between two geographies.
I ride the current of the story
read by the pleasant unjudging voice
and I rest.



From Picture Making, published in 2017.The three photos served as the inspiration for the poem. For more information, look here.


Windows. Panes of glass. Square after square.
Each one part of the whole. Each one
with years of weathering and amendments
to the fabric. Think of windows in houses.
Think of those houses
that are each one built to be just like their neighbors
veering away from that early kinship
into their own purposes.
Think of those who live in the houses.
Think of
the rows of schoolchildren
lined up in class pictures
Think of the children
growing into their own