Claudia McGill does all kinds of things. Besides writing poetry she is an artist and a housewife.

She doesn’t like talking on the phone and she dislikes crowds. She loves cats and she reads. A lot.

Claudia McGill says: Here’s what I wrote in my first post, and I thought I’d copy it here, because it tells why I wanted to have this blog.

I’ve been writing poetry for decades. A little here, a little there. Some years nothing at all and some years quite a lot. Over time, the poems have piled up. Accumulated. Pages and pages. More words come along all the time.

I decided to let them out into the world. No reason as to why now and not earlier, but it just seems like a good time.

So here they are for you to read and, I hope, enjoy.

If you are interested, here are my other blogs – take a look!:

Claudia McGill’s artist site: Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Claudia McGill’s personal site: Sometimes You Get So Confused

55 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you, this was really nice of you to do this. I will check the other blogs you mentioned, too, as I like to “meet” new blog friends and learn about fields that I don’t have much knowledge of. I continue to enjoy your poetry and how you explain your world through your poems. Thank you!

  1. My compliments to you on your “fellow traveller” comment at Pgh Orbit. I thought of it but wasn’t as brave as you

    • Thank you. I have been on this road for 60+ years now and I am taking pride in still being on my feet and doing a decent job of it, as I look back. That, and I guess I just got tired of pretending. My unique brain has been good to me in ways that lots of people would not understand and that idea helps me in times when it tries to hurt me or won’t cooperate. I’ve come to understand that I’m coming from a different place than others, maybe, but also that I am not alone. That is why the post meant so much to me.

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