Poetry is Written in Words: Fifty-Two

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

demarche : a petition or protest presented through diplomatic channels

Eddie I hate you
Crumpled-up demarche written
in turquoise crayon

haiku 1089 : 4/2/23

infantilize : to make or keep infantile (: of or relating to infants or infancy … : suitable to or characteristic of an infant especially : very immature

here’s my strategy:
infantilize the feared task
then just get it done

haiku 1090 : 4/3/23

temerity : unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger or opposition : RASHNESS, RECKLESSNESS

Traffic stop.
Speeding. Dumb mistake.
Big mouth me
then I have
the temerity to sass
the cop. Beyond dumb.

shadorma 478 : 11/21/22


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  1. Oy! that second one reminds me of a very young version of Sparky – he had a problem with authority. He learned the hard way. Now he is a very respectful law-abiding citizen…

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