Poetry is Written in Words: Fifty-One

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

scrutinize : to examine closely and minutely

in these depths of green
a known soul?
Scrutinize this emerald.
Greedy. Hungry. You.

shadorma 498 : 2/4/23

fraught : full of or accompanied by something specified — used with with

The low sun
in my eyes. You wait.
You wonder
what I’ll say.
Your voice fraught with anxious verve.
I squint. I can’t think.

shadorma 499 : 2/6/23

acquiesce : to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively — often used with in or to

to winter’s demands
because you
have no choice.
Its cold fingers twine with yours
Warm in red mittens.

shadorma 500 : 2/7/23


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6 thoughts on “Poetry is Written in Words: Fifty-One

  1. These are great. I love the atmosphere of the last one and the way the rhythm of the first one emphasizes the fervent avariciousness of the narrator.

    • Thank you. I have always liked the traditional combination of green and jealousy, I don’t know where that idea came from, but for me the shade emerald is perfectly set up for it.

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