Poetry is Written in Words: Forty-Nine

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

frenetic : marked by fast and energetic, disordered, or anxiety-driven activity : FRENZIED, FRANTIC

liquid kinetic
bubbles tuned up frenetic
roiling boiling hot
see-through sparkle in the pot
ready for tea H2O

tanka 345 : 10/16/22

putative : commonly accepted or supposed

Envy me
but you don’t dare to
Instead you
make much of
the putative loneliness
of being alone

shadorma 485 : 12/16/22

laudable : worthy of praise : COMMENDABLE

small fingers
grip the fat pencil
a laudable letter “L”
appears on paper

shadorma 510 : 3/7/23


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