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  1. I know several people who do this – and even one who reads the final chapter before reading anything else in the book. It is not something I have ever done but I get the concept of judging whether or not the book is worth the investment of time.

    • I never used to do this, but now I do all the time. Sometimes I wonder if the book is worth the investment of time, as you say; other times, I’ve decided it’s not so I just what to know what happened; and sometimes, knowing the end helps me enjoy the unfolding of the story rather than racing along to find out the answer to this or that question the book has raised.

      • I used to read all book to the end even if I wasn’t really into it. In recent decades, however (coinciding with parenthood) I have no problem abandoning a book that just isn’t engaging me. I, therefore, totally get the idea of reading the last chapter as part of the adjudication. I hate getting spoilers though, even in TV shows or movies, and I read a lot of crime and thriller novels so knowing the ending would be a spoiler.

        • It all seems to be how original the story is, or how well written, or most importantly, how much I like the people in the book – as to how much time I want to spend with them. Or if I care that much how they get to what eventually is their conclusion.

    • I never used to but a few years ago I started to. I think because about that time I began to feel that most books, I have already read it, meaning that so many are alike…or else I have read a lot of books. Anyway. Sometimes, I just want to know the ending…

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