Poetry is Written in Words: Forty-Two

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

misnomer : a wrong name or inappropriate designation

Bridge party
in the antique past
“Party” a
for the no-holds-barred combat
my mother relished

shadorma 454 : 9/23/22

doctrinaire : stubbornly or excessively devoted to a doctrine or theory without regard to practical considerations

I had a bad cold.
Old-style doctrinaire healer –
Mom’s best friend – stepped in.
I drank the potion. I retched.
Good, it’s working, Mom said. See?

tanka 388: 1/28/23

yankee : used as a code word for the letter y

Forks tap out
dinner table code
we kids know
what it means
Yankee Uniform Kilo
meatball stew tonight

shadorma 421 : 7/4/22


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11 thoughts on “Poetry is Written in Words: Forty-Two

  1. Buckley’s Original Mixture is a cough syrup invented in 1919 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – “It Tastes Awful. And It Works.” Some kids would see the bottle and the spoon coming, and they would get well immediately (especially on school days). 😀

  2. The first one made me laugh. I remember you told me your mom had bridge parties.

    I don’t understand Yankee Uniform Kilo, but I assume meatball stew was not a well-liked meal.

  3. I always enjoy your dictionary poems…the bridge one made me think of my mother and her competitive spirit in bridge and I almost missed the YUK but got it immediately when I said ‘wait a minute how does yankee fit here and rechecked the definition which revealed the code :)))

    • Thank you. My mom also was quite competitive, I remember. I also remember how we looked forward to the party food leftovers. As for yankee, I was at a total loss until I saw that definition. Oh thank goodness. Sometimes the word of the day really takes ingenuity.

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