Poetry is Written in Words: Forty

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

factotum : a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities

I manage. I fix.
I hold the world in the sky.
I keep it spinning
safe and steady. Factotum.
I make things work. You’re welcome.

tanka 406 : 3/10/23

rectify : to set right : REMEDY

Lay out the pattern.
The cloth waits. Appraise your work.
Rectify errors.
The scissors always cut true
but it’s you who must guide them.

tanka 399 : 2/22/23

compadre : a close friend : BUDDY

Workbench compadres
hammer saw screwdriver wrench
know that they’re the pros
Not me. Bruise thumb nick knuckles
They make their point. Then we work.

tanka 367 : 12/12/22


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2 thoughts on “Poetry is Written in Words: Forty

  1. All three poems are great. The first one made me think of it as a monologue by the Titan Atlas. The second one made me think about how easy skillful people make an activity look and the satisfaction I get from watching someone do something create expertly even if I have zero aptitude or knowledge with what they are doing. Related to that, the third one was a nice spin on the adage about bad workmen blaming their tools.

    • Thank you. The theme of making things and the work in doing them is something I think has infinite possible ways to be depicted and I never get tired of the subject.

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