Little Vines 6043-6052

Little Vines written on 3/20/23.

The tough old carrot on the cutting board –
that’s me. Your cheap puny knife
won’t make a mark on me.

This morning I woke up and said:
Glue yourself to your desk.
Memorize the idiosyncrasies of the ceiling tiles.
That is plenty enough good work for today.

How many times I’ve bleated out
Excuse me I’m sorry
when it’s the other person who should be?

Malicious patron saints
adjust their levels of sour and salt.
Get to work.

The final loop in the new color
finished. Now a has-been.
Get out of the way.
Welcome, new new color.

She bit it in half,
my heart –
I don’t know why.
I don’t know why.

Huge flower buds Bloom
Burst out some Pollen
The whole world smiles in Joy.

a slow afternoon
a squirming baby
in a soggy little mood

Get to the train station
and make me disappear.
I’ll be you then. Understand?

Whatever she’s got herself mixed up in now –
You know she always comes through.
She knows where people hide things.

6 thoughts on “Little Vines 6043-6052

    • Thank you. I’ve always liked the idea of patron saints, but…maybe they are not all friendly! and as for the person who knows where the hidden things are…lots of power in that knowledge, I think.

  1. These are all very thought provoking… I’ve lived #6045. #6046 made me laugh because isn’t it just like a person to get a little bored and play a prank or 2? Some of the saints had a sense of humor! And of course #6052 is amazing!! Knowledge IS power!

    • Thank you. 6045 is probably the most true poem I have ever written as far as my own experiences, and it’s an area I am trying to improve even at this late date! Patron saints, I wasn’t aware of them growing up but when I moved here and encountered the idea, I always liked it, but I did wonder if they might not always work in a benign way???!!! I liked that thought. And you said it perfectly, knowledge is power. And how.

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