Little Vines 6030 – 6042

Little Vines written on 3/2/23.

My closed living room drapes.
Do I have a secret valuable enough that
I bother to conceal it?

Fleshy pod fingers pressed pink.
A handful of silver slimy change.
The cashier’s cross expression.

vinegar trimmed
onion skinned
her face glows

A crunch.
Not what I’d expected. More – visceral –
somehow. But yes, definitely –
She’d been swallowed up by the fog.

Stretched out gym shorts hanging off my butt
I clomp down the basement stairs
Guess it’s way past time to do some laundry

Lady – what heaves over?
Open personality. If the lady says.
Drawings decide – I like size large.

with a very muscular pen
she signed her name
one hundred careful letters

Your heart depicted smaller than it really is,
in paint watered-down three times
and yet still the brightest color on the page –
Nothing can diminish you.

Today I waltz
in frills and feathers
My hopes open and expand

in this smorgasbord of friends
I think of myself as a generous slice
cut from a well-baked cake

the gym membership I use once
the greasy takeout dinners I eat every night
I have learned nothing

the rain stops. the clouds dissipate.
a black car passes on the road below.
the stars return. you will not.

salt tears and
sugar kisses and
I love you more than anything

8 thoughts on “Little Vines 6030 – 6042

  1. These are all great but my favourite of the bunch is #6039. It’s a wonderful metaphor. I hope that I am a big slice of cake. I had a visceral response to #6031 as it brought back a memory from my days working a supermarket checkout and having to deal with the sweaty and sometimes filthy hands of customers as they handed over cash.

    • I love cake, and I would be thrilled if someone thought of me in this way! As for the change, I know several people who handled cash as part of work (I am thinking of a friend who was a bank teller way back when) and they all say what you just did about cash. Ugh.

  2. #6034 made me snort laugh! It made me think of son#1 – the socks had zero elastic and looked like white puddles around his ankles. He admitted he was down to the end of his clothes and needed to do laundry!!

    • I am laughing. Because I know the feeling of, I have to wear the absolute rock bottom items in my wardrobe because I didn’t get to doing laundry. I remember this especially from when I was young and had to go to the laundromat and I’d put off doing the wash forever because I didn’t like going out to do the wash. Getting my own washer was a dream come true.

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