Poetry is Written in Words: Twenty-Six

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

perceptible : capable of being perceived especially by the senses

The baby crying
her distress perceptible
and how it carries!
Louder than a fire siren!
(Maybe they should hire her? Hmmm…)

tanka 364 : 12/3/22

lachrymose : given to tears or weeping : TEARFUL

We stood there
small lachrymose group
our old car
hauled off to
the junkyard. Good-bye, old friend.
End of an era.

shadorma 482 : 12/7/22

festoon : to decorate, adorn – : to hang or form festoons on

On the floor
festoons of blond curls.
A small girl.
First haircut.
Scissors snip. The child unsure.
Is it tears or smiles?

shadorma 411 : 6/14/22


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13 thoughts on “Poetry is Written in Words: Twenty-Six

  1. Your poems illustrate the fact that we cry as a result of a variety of emotions and responses to diverse experiences. Also, I love the word “lachrymose” and wish I could find more opportunities to use it.

    • I like the word lachrymose so much, too. Many of these dictionary words are just plain difficult to use, but this one, I could come up with more than one scenario. And tears to me are very useful in expressing so much – and I find crying such a relief no matter what the circumstances, a great outlet for feelings.

  2. Son#2 wailed getting his first haircut. A sharp contrast to son#1 who sat proud and we had to remind him to keep his mouth closed because he was smiling so big!

    • I thought of this topic because of how over time I’ve seen a lot of kids getting haircuts at the family hairdresser I’ve gone to for 20+ years. Some love it and some are crying and a lot don’t know what to think. For some reason it has always interested me!

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