Poetry is Written in Words: Twenty-Three

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

waggish : done or made in waggery or for sport : HUMOROUS

the needles
wind their waggish way
through the yarn
an absurd blue
rolling chuckles off the balls
into smile-shaped scarfs.

shadorma 429 : 7/20/22

facsimile : an exact copy

Tried to remember.
Could not. Details turned and fled.
Time to fabricate –
reel out facsimile facts
Yarn-spin and weave some whole cloth.

tanka 333 : 9/9/22

motley : variegated in color

the box burst open
disciplined yarns wound in balls
a gleeful escape
the motley twists of color
tangle the living room floor

tanka 361 : 11/29/22


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3 thoughts on “Poetry is Written in Words: Twenty-Three

  1. Although I did not inherit the ability, I am from a family of avid and skilled knitters so I could visualise each of these scenes. I especially like the first poem and the idea that joy and mirth are woven into the textile because of the mood in which it was made.

    • I have always thought that whatever feelings and so on you have as you are making an item, it will somehow absorb some of them, And also, some projects just don’t seem to want to be made, or be made by you, anyway – and others are just begging to exist?! After all this time doing knitting I think the yarn and needles do a lot of deciding!

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