Little Vines 3/4/23

How about a visit from the Vines? Say hello.

Two turquoise rings I inherited from my aunt
slipping around on my skinny fingers.
I wash dishes in a cloud of suds.

Standing in the rain
The sun
And it does exist
What would it look like to you now?

The radio blares out a melody
Someone shouts the words
to a whole different song –
Good enough.

Your brother
and his story.
Well-rehearsed. Dramatic. Festering.

Absolutely nothing could make me look.
I was sure.
I looked.

Not of the earth
this mist that is clearing
No, it fell from the stars.

the just-right tight
Sins + alchemy
black velvet gown

get inside the remarkable qualities of
and late in the day disobedience

It’s mad worship
what she requires.
Pay attention.
Like I didn’t.

you wonder if
even in the pouring rain
but I can’t tell which is which.

The sun
A turquoise circle
High in a yellow sky

A dim blue light.
Three eggplants? Three eggplants?
I was hoping for a beer.
I slam the fridge door shut.

the writer tired out from a day of
pushing nouns and verbs
into marriages of convenience

Winter separates them
Those who were here
Those who survived

We are simply a fellowship of round shapes
rolling free and easy on the open road but
You may know us better as “tires”.

being small and young
in flannel pajamas
five minutes from bedtime

6 thoughts on “Little Vines 3/4/23

    • Now you’ve got me laughing too, as I think over the numerous years of trying to write reports and so on in a clear way when the subject was boring or convoluted!

  1. I love the eclecticism in tone and diversity of subject matter in the Little Vines. I very much appreciate that reading each one takes me through an array of responses, from chuckling at the humour to feeling your words resonate so much with me that they are boring into my soul.

    • Thank you. What you said has made my day. I sometimes feel the LV’s are such an indulgence for me, just let out whatever is on my mind, and while that is therapeutic for me, I often wonder if they say anything at all. Thank you so much for reading them. What you say means a lot to me.

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