At Their Wedding

At Their Wedding

After the church the ballroom.
Bride and groom. White tablecloth. Black chairs.
Dinner plates. Lamb and fiddlehead fern.
The bride’s mother is pleased.

A hand grasps a glass. Too much perfume.
The room is so hot. A shoe pinches.
A head shakes No.The waiter moves on.
A dress wrinkles. Should I check with the babysitter?
A lipsticked-red mouth sneers itself into a smile.

Elbows on the table. Pass me the salt please.
Bored blue eyes. A napkin folded and set down.
A bracelet too tight for its wrist.
A fork spins and drops.
A slosh of wine. Gravy on the tablecloth.
Pink and white wedding cake.

Just one of the set:
Anonymous Bridesmaid.
Scratchy lace dress.
I pick at my fiddlehead fern.
Before tonight
I did not know you could eat
fiddlehead fern.
I guess that’s something.


11 thoughts on “At Their Wedding

  1. I like the way your poem captures the less celebrated aspects of a wedding: the chaos, mess, tedium. I was actually just thinking the other day about how long it has been since I was last a guest at a wedding and I was relieved.

    • Yes, me too (both how long since I was at a wedding and relieved at it). This poem is from a memory of a wedding I was in before I was married so it’s a long time ago. I like weddings usually but this one I guess since I was not just a guest but a participant, I didn’t feel free to enjoy myself the same way.

  2. Luckily I’ve enjoyed every wedding I’ve attended…although I admit it’s less than 10 in my entire life. When I was young no one had a real wedding. Maybe a party after doing the legalities, maybe not. (K)

    • I’ve been to many many weddings and I usually really enjoy them, but this one, I guess since I was a participant rather than just a guest, I had to follow the script of bridesmaid. The event was a bit fussy and stiff. My husband, however, had a great time since he was seated with a table of my college friends and every time I looked over there (I was seated at the head table) they were all laughing their heads off and carrying on and so on while things at the head table were a bit more formal…

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