After the Accident

After the Accident

In the ambulance
I feel like I did
when we got married
Sidestep stumble
Swatted and ripped and twisted
Scissors in my hand
Blue black ink darkness
A commotion and loud voices
Whispering. Close your eyes. Don’t look.
Obliterated by experts.
At the hospital
Waiting. You need a doctor
they tell me. I wondered then.
I wonder now. Waiting.


6 thoughts on “After the Accident

    • Thank you. Fragments hitting your senses, yes, that is it perfectly, at least how I have experienced sudden dislocations such as accidents, or even really upsetting bad news.

    • Yes and no. My husband has had 2 life-threatening incidents over the years that came on suddenly. I was thinking about those times. I also inserted my feelings from when I had my retina problems and lost the sight in one eye (which was a different sort of thing, not as sudden as an accident, but enough, and terrifying and dislocating as I tried to take in what was happening. The unreality of something just falling in on you.

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