Poetry is Written in Words: Six

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

debunk : to expose the sham or falseness of

The cat leaps.
The vase falls. His sense
of balance
now debunked
he picks his way through the shards.
You scold. He ignores.

shadorma 419 : 7/1/22

apposite : highly pertinent or appropriate

The mouse runs.
Apposite response.
The cat springs.
Apposite response. Much more
than just Effective.

shadorma 420 : 7/2/22

litany : a sizable series or set

Butter left out. Soft.
Cat leaps on counter. Lick-fest.
Greased paws ramble print
sink and floor. Repeat. Repeat.
Repeat. Kitchen litany.

tanka 324 : 8/16/22


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5 thoughts on “Poetry is Written in Words: Six

  1. You always capture and convey cat behaviour and attitudes so perfectly. The first poem made me laugh because it is so very true of cats that they can be the direct cause of something happening yet automatically slough off the blame. Oh what it would be to have the self-esteem of a pampered domestic cat.

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