Poetry is Written in Words: Five

Poems from my Merriam-Webster Word of the Day project. For more information, look here.

encapsulate : to enclose in or as if in a capsule

White darkness
encapsulates us
the exits
sealed up tight
the snow blows the cold rattles
the windows. Winter.

shadorma 473 : 11/8/22

dreidel : a 4-sided toy marked with Hebrew letters and spun like a top in a game of chance

Winter holidays:
A car wears a menorah
Three wise men bear gifts
Front yard dreidel greets the street
Santa Claus waves from next door

tanka 370 : 12/19/22

annus mirabilis : a remarkable or notable year

Oh I hope
raw red winter sun
I may live
in your rays
an annus mirabilis
full of gratitude

shadorma 490 : 1/1/23


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    • Thank you. I was at a loss with the word dreidel but around here a lot of people have holiday yard displays mixing all kinds of traditions and suddenly I thought of that and knew what to do.

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