11 thoughts on “Excuse Me

    • Yes. At least for the person whose secret it is. There is such an urge to tell someone your secret, and yet by doing so it risks becoming un-secret, and yet you do it anyway. I am interested in this urge, everyone has it. To have secrets, know secrets, and tell secrets.

      • There are also those things you keep secret about yourself that you would like to tell someone but don’t know how. I have experienced this myself, and seen others caught up in it. It gets harder and harder the longer you wait.

  1. The revelation of some secrets certainly can be explosive. I have experience of having to share a historic secret that really blew some things up. I am generally, however, a very good secret-keeper and people know they can trust me to keep their confidence.

    • I am poor at keeping secrets though I try so hard, but I am a blurter. What’s on my mind has usually gotten said, but in my later years I am better at it than I used to be. Still, you have been warned.

      • What’s strange about me as that I can keep someone else’s secret with ease but I have no internal edit or filter when it comes to things that pop into my head spewing forth from my mouth.

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