Not a Hallucination

Not a Hallucination

I must have dozed off.
Evaporated. A cloud in the sky.
The house was silent.
Nightmares opened the door
Not enough Not enough Not enough
I keep asking you
what it means
Not enough
You hiss
as if it should be plenty.


written at
Montgomery County Community College

8 thoughts on “Not a Hallucination

  1. You really capture that atmosphere of being in a dream state and the way the narratives of our dreams resist full meaning but we wander along those pathways regardless.

    • I think of being asleep as being inside a building, or maybe a city at times, with different rooms and doors, and we go there when we sleep, and our dreams are maybe our memories of this place, or maybe some third place altogether. In any case, I think being asleep is actually kind of exciting.

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