Haiku 1225, 1226, 1227

I wrote these haiku as part of my recent visit to the Upper Perkiomen Valley Library in Red Hill, PA. I used book titles chosen at random from the shelves and went on from there.

Look here if you want more details on my visit to this library.

A star in the sky
In the hour I first believe
You are one of them

I start a rumor
Last of the second chances
Bad debts must be paid

Don’t blink. The poison
does what it does. For your own
good. Why do you laugh?

8 thoughts on “Haiku 1225, 1226, 1227

  1. I think the first poem in isolation is magical and hopeful. However, you know what my brain does and so I, therefore, placed it into a narrative with the poems that follow. In that head canon context, the star becomes ominous, presaging something to come, and the middle poem is a plan being forged, and the final poem is the conclusion of the plan for vengeance.

    • I do love how you put these random sequences together and they make sense, and a good story. I am feeling that I am always involved in a running narrative and setting out sections of it at a time, and I love that idea about my creative process. One big flowing stream.

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