Little Vines from 1/6/23

Little Vines! I bet you can’t believe your eyes. Yes, it’s been a while. But they are back in my lineup again. I did a few while I was as the Montgomery County Community College’s library on this date. Take a look.

I think Buried may not be a permanent address:
Revenge is merely waiting
to crawl out of its grave.

Three red gumballs in a row
from the machine on my way out the diner door.
That’s enough of an omen for me.

I reached for my phone
Something terrible
clenched in my fingers

The people went home
thinking of nothing but the subject not discussed
wondering what it actually could be.

She looks good
The guy is attractive
The deep fluorescence of a mutual interest glows

Visiting a sick friend in the hospital
Snarky nurse flirting with the
jovial undertaker who just gave you his card –
It makes you wonder

The wolf asleep in bed
And just as dangerous as you think
Dreams of small pink seashells

Stacks of plates
the day after the wedding.
Waiting to be washed.

8 thoughts on “Little Vines from 1/6/23

    • Yes. I have been noticing how much people and their phones are inseparable. I am trying to make sure I use it for whatever I am needing and then get off it. Having said that, I love having audio books to listen to, or the road directions apps (I get lost really easily). A double edged sword and dangerous, the phone can be.

  1. I’ve been a victim of the thinking in 6007 many times. Always looking for signs…although what they signify, that’s another story. (K)

    • Yes, me too. I have to be careful I don’t look for meaning in things that have no meaning, but my mind really seems to love finding patterns and hoping for definite answers from them…

  2. I love the ominous, portentous atmosphere that connects all of these. You know I enjoy a good thriller, whether it is a spooky tale or a crime story, so I also really enjoyed the sense of these being snippets of a larger narrative.

    • Reading them over I do see they have a sense of foreboding about them. I think if I lined them up and numbered them as chapters, they would certainly work as a very oblique little story. (The kind I like because you can fill in so much of it yourself as you lie…)

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