Words Words Words and Libraries

New project I have been working on #1

Some time ago I signed up for a daily email from Merriam-Webster, the dictionary people. Word of the Day, it is called, and there you have it. Each day they send you a word and its definition(s), and you take a look and add it to your vocabulary or re-encounter and old friend.

I got the idea to write a poem using the Word of the Day way back last summer, and ever since then I have kept up the practice. My rules are:

  • Write a haiku, tanka, or shadorma
  • Use the word (either as it’s published or a form of it, because some words, well, they are just not that easy to work with. You’ll see what I mean as time goes on).

I’ve got to figure out how I will be posting these, as I have a backlog, but you know, I’m thinking I’m just going to wing it. When you see the Word of the Day mentioned, read on and see what I was able to do with our sometimes crazy English language.

New project I will be working on #2

Before the pandemic I had the idea to visit every public library in our county. We have 35+, depending on how you count them, and I’ve been to a good number of them. But not nearly all of them! I’m planning to get myself back on this quest. I made a start on it on December 27, 2022 with a visit to the Pottstown (PA) Library.

My rules are:

  • Go in the library, sit down, and write something.
  • Check out books.
  • Take photo(s).
  • Talk to librarians if they are not busy and see if I can learn something about the library.

Coming up: I visit the Pottstown Library.

12 thoughts on “Words Words Words and Libraries

  1. I love both your projects!
    I used to always see the Merriam Webster word of the day. They did some very appropriate words during the former president’s time. 😏

    I remember you going to various libraries, but I didn’t remember you wanted to visit all of them in your county. I generally go to the library that is closest to me, but technically “my” library is the county library that is almost a half hour drive away.

    • Some of these words have been challenging to work with, to say the least. You will see what I mean as time goes on! The library idea was one I wanted to do in 2020 (mostly for writing I have gone to local college libraries, they are set up better for concentrating). Well, now I can finally try to get back on this vision quest, three years later!

  2. I used to subscribe to the Word of the Day – I’d even write them on the staff notice board (passive learning at its finest)! I can’t wait to see what you come up with… As for visiting libraries, since Sparky works in a library I avoid them unless there is a geocache hidden there.

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