7 thoughts on “Interim

  1. Ha! Yes, the dust can always wait. It’s just going to return anyway. This poem reminds me of when my kids were very little and generated so much household clutter. I would shove things into cupboards and storage boxes and throw the big things into non-public rooms in the house in order to make things guest-ready. All of the mess and chaos was still there but it was concealed behind a façade. Why do we feel the need to have everything neat as a pin just so people can visit and wreck everything anyway? I drive myself nuts with this mindset.

    • I don’t know why we do it, but I am with you. I think I feel, especially as I get older because when I was younger I know I was so much messier, that if my home and surroundings are in order, I feel more in order myself. I only hope I don’t cross the line into being the dreaded “set in her ways”.

      • I totally agree with you about my headspace feeling more ordered when my physical space is also clean and tidy. I have been trying to impart that wisdom to my messy teens but they have not yet learned the lesson.

        • I remember that the keeping things orderly idea did not happen for me until I had my own apartment. Suddenly, it all made sense, I guess because it was all my own .

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