Looking Through the Old Photographs

Looking Through the Old Photographs

Festive spree
the odds are in our favor.
Lime peel barely hanging on the edge of a glass
Your granny says it is soleil de agua verde frito
You know she made that up.
Special delivery of aqua blue writing paper.
Polish up a door handle
that doesn’t need it.
Mother of Pearl/Emerald/and Nadine
brings out a top-heavy cake
delicious bubbling pink sauce
and the crowd cheers
just as you doze off

Transcend the tinsel
long enough to linger on the sidewalk
under the bare branches
of the old tree out front
one more time


6 thoughts on “Looking Through the Old Photographs

  1. Your poem really captures the hubbub of a festive get-together. I like the way the second stanza suggests transporting oneself away from all the sensory overwhelm of the celebration and to a place of calm and quiet and solitude. Seems like a good coping mechanism.

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