Yes That’s When

Yes That’s When

Sure one day
when your schedule clears
when matters
ease up some
When it stops raining. When the
wash is done. When the

new moon is
on the rise. When you
lose fifteen
pounds. When the
procrastination and the

are worse than
when she answers the
call and then
the silence
when you say your name. That’s when
you will do it. Then.

shadorma chain

6 thoughts on “Yes That’s When

    • I am guilty of it all right. I really hate to ask for anything and will rationalize avoiding it in the most creative ways. So this poem is straight from my heart!

  1. You encapsulate that state of procrastination perfectly and I like the way the rhythm of the poem makes the listing of excuses so emphatic. I am not generally a procrastinator – more the opposite actually – but there are definitely some things that I very much dislike and which I try to put off as much as possible. Funnily enough, difficult phone calls are on that list.

    • Yes, me too, I would rather do almost anything than call someone on the phone, even if it is a nice reason or person, and difficult ones – Nooooo! I hear myself shrieking already.

  2. This reminded me of my son#1 and his angst and procrastination in calling a girl to ask if he could get a ride to marching band practice!! Oh the agony – only made worse by delaying it!

    • I know this feeling well because I live this scenario (and that of your son) all the time. I hate to ask for anything, I don’t know why, and I fret about it and etc to excess. In my older age I finally realized this pattern and have been able to break it (mostly) and guess what! The sky does not fall! The earth continues to turn! no matter what the answer is. if only I could have learned this earlier…

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