11 thoughts on “Because It’s Not Funny

  1. Big bites are the bane of my summers. I have an immediate and severe cellulitis reaction that can get pretty nasty. This year, I lost both my wedding ring and eternity ring as they needed to be cut off due to my fingers swelling up.

    • Oh, that is awful. And scary. I have learned that poison ivy will do that to me, when in the past, I seemed to have tolerance for it. Bee stings/wasp stings also cause a lot of swelling for me. And it seems to have gotten worse with age.

  2. Yep I can relate! Bug bites are the bane of summer – you have hit on that truth and it is NOT funny. Though to be honest this one did make me smile…

    • Thank you. I think you smiled because there is a universal truth in bug bites: the insects have us on the run, we just think we’re in charge, but, it is not true.

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