A Typical Winter Night

A Typical Winter Night

take hold and glow
I shout out
the last of your many names
and wait
this hour here in the dark
to catch you in a
slide like a falling moon
sinking through the branches of a dead tree
reflect yourself in the glass of a window
a glance and then go in
your house
the one just across the street


7 thoughts on “A Typical Winter Night

    • Or is the house across the street mine? Ghost come in! Oh how I love ambiguity! And ghosts. I have never come close to thinking I had seen one, and I wish it would happen sometime.

  1. I love this poem. The way you describe the ghost as something fleeting and shifting, like a change in the light and shadow glimpsed from the corner of an eye, is really spectacular.

    • Thank you. I feel more and more (especially at this time of year when nights are long) that spirits, or ghosts, or some kind of other world, slips into our own a lot more than I ever thought.

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