Snippets 395, 396, 398

From April 2022.

more than A look
and let them keep looking
your eyes
A glance A smile A message

those people
Everywhere pursuing Other people
a single shout in the dark

in the flickering light
a thin smooth laugh
I’ll tell you something, he said

5 thoughts on “Snippets 395, 396, 398

    • Yes, now that you say that, I see it, and once again I have to thank serendipity. Though also these three were done at the same time so that makes sense, me being in the same state of mind for all of them.

    • Yes, I see that now that you and Ken G mentioned a relationship among them, which I had not thought of when posting them (they just came up in line for their turn). I think it makes sense that they relate, though, since I did all of these at the same time and therefore in the same frame of mind. The Snippets always have the last word, don’t they, about how they present themselves, though, it seems to me.

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