Tanka 298, 300

It’s the shock of it
that numbs the demons. You seek
the streets you know best
the mapless underworld where –
how odd – now you feel at home

The skinny girl laughs
Embarrasses me all right
I tell you I tried
I tell you I did my best
The skinny girl laughs again

8 thoughts on “Tanka 298, 300

  1. Laughter can be so joyful but also so cruel. I can definitely remember times when the sound of someone’s laughter was cutting. That first poem made me laugh out loud. Today has been a tricky one so I very much appreciate that gift of laughter.

  2. The first one –the mapless underworld–and feeling at home. That sends my imagination going.

    The second one–just makes me picture teen mean girls. Ugh!

    • Thank you. I like the mystery of the underworld (in whatever form). It has always seemed more interesting to me than the heavenly afterlife (in which since childhood I envisioned as a long version of sitting in church listening to sermons, I don’t know why that vs a paradise. Maybe my idea of a good afterlife is more ….???) anyway. And you are right about the second one. Mean girls. Junior high revisited. Ugh is right.

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