Tanka 293, 296, 297

my fake persona
your small awkward compliments
sincere and well-meant
how I found myself ashamed
for the first time in my life

a twitching eyelid
in your choice of five tempos –
the neurosurgeon
offers his treatment options
recommending the polka.

Nice floral print sheets.
Shrinkage controlled. Mercerized.
Wrinkle resistant.
Every little bit helps when
you’re sick in bed with the flu.

6 thoughts on “Tanka 293, 296, 297

  1. I very much like the observation about personality types in #293. Good quality, comfortable sheets are one of life’s small pleasures, aren’t they? And I agree that their value is even more emphatic during times of physical discomfort.

    • For 297, I was thinking of some sheets I had probably 40 years ago. I still remember how perfect they were for a good night’s sleep and felt even better if I were ill. Even looking at them made me perk up.

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