Snippets 437-440

From June 2022.

sprawled in carefully
indignant sleep
all afternoon on the couch

trying to possess memory
for so long

was it a waste of time
gathering the details
you would never know?

how am I to
make sense of every variation of fortune
sorting things out
troubles the soul

4 thoughts on “Snippets 437-440

  1. It strikes me that there is a connection between #438, #439, and #440. Each has a sense of a mind/brain being overwhelmed by all of the information it has absorbed over its lifetime and the exhaustion of filing information away and then retrieving the details when required.

    #437 sounds blissful. I have never been one to nap (unless very unwell) but – especially given how perpetually tired I am these days – I do envy those who can nap.

    • You are so right about the tiring nature of having too much in the mental filing cabinets. I am allowing myself to forget things that I just don’t want to remember anymore. Let better things come in, instead. As for the nap, I used to be able to nap in the daytime, now I don’t. But I don’t miss it. More and more I feel I need to enjoy every hour as much as I can. Although there are those days when it all catches up with me and then…a nap is so therapeutic. Yes.

  2. I often ponder on the amount of information I have gathered and apparently lost completely, and wonder why bother? Have some gems lodged in the deeper recesses, influencing, guiding my thinking processes and actions? All part of the conditioning of the human mind. Your poetic thoughts are often so thought provoking Claudia!

    • Thank you. I am very honored to hear this. I know in recent years I have been looking over my past (since now there is getting to be a lot of it) and realizing how little most of it matters now, I am what and where I am, let’s enjoy that! And like you mention, occasionally I find those gems way back in the corners, and I marvel at how they can have an effect over so much time. I am grateful for each one of these.

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