Try Out This Version of Your Future

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

Try Out This Version of Your Future

When called upon by the psychic
the spirits present this scenario:

So say you’re a thirty-year-old guy
swimming inside a perfume bottle
hoping to avoid being spritzed into oblivion
whereas in normal times you are just a fellow
with a fatuous cough
some legal troubles
five pairs of khaki pants
but no dental plan
and in fact
no plan for much of anything right now
being that you have this perfume bottle problem
the only thing you don’t have to worry about is
body odor
unless you run up against someone with a scent allergy
in which case
you have absolutely nothing going for you at all and
what remains of your existence will be spent
in a futile attempt
to fasten your lifejacket correctly

What the psychic said to the seeker:

I would advise
staying clear of perfume counters.


8 thoughts on “Try Out This Version of Your Future

    • You know, sometimes the weirdest things happen in the most ordinary places and then ordinary is, for that person who went through the experience, well, it gets a whole new dimension that nobody else understands (this happens to me a lot, I seem to carry around associations for a long time). So – back to perfume, I don’t like it, I guess you can tell??!!

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