9 thoughts on “Snippets 429, 430, 431, 432

    • Yes, me too. In this snippet I was thinking of a mirror we had in our house growing up, a big thing with a fancy gold frame, which could show the whole living room if you stood back from it. Somehow I’ve never forgotten how I felt seeing myself in the mirror in the middle of the room; it really felt as if there were two of me, and at the same time, I knew how it felt to be someone else looking at me. I was only about 6, thinking this, but I still remember it.

  1. That’s so cool, Claudia. We have a piece of furniture that was in my house when I was growing up. My mom always called it the breakfront. It has mirrors on the outside and mirrors and glass shelves inside. I remember my sister and I looking at all our images (it possible I still do that every once in a while 😏).

    • What you’re saying makes me think of those triptych mirror arrangements there used to be in department stores where you could see three of yourself at first and then infinite ones reflecting back back back…This was another marvel from my youngest days that I still remember.

  2. I really like #432. For me that “stranger” is probably one’s gut instinct and we should all really learn to make friends with that instinct. #429 made me think of my Dad who, on his lunch breaks, would do the crossword in the newspaper which led him to phone me every weekday to ask for help with solving a clue. It was a fun tradition.

    • I like your interpretation of #432. I agree, that voice in the head (can be a stranger or very familiar, depending…) seems very often to have its own life and own motivations it wants you to carry out. And the crossword story you tell makes me think of my grandparents and their eternal quest for words for Scrabble ( which they referred to as Squabble because that is what they did, with the dictionary to settle things).

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