Of One Mind or Two

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

Of One Mind or Two

This guy. I’m sitting on it –
what he told me –
until when or until what happens
I don’t know. I’m just going to wait.

I chew it over. Bite and bite on it.
It’s hard.
I make no impression on it.

No, no. Let yourself be surprised
people say
but what’s so good about
That blindsided me all right
I never saw that coming
It’s a hoax Surely it is
Well, I don’t believe in it.

Until that guy told me.
Now I know something too.
I wish I were surprised.


10 thoughts on “Of One Mind or Two

  1. I am very much not a fan of surprises. Some are a delight, of course, but just the thought of something like a surprise party unsettles me. I have also had too many nasty surprises in life so I am now hard-wired to appreciate forewarnings and advance notice. I am also like the narrator of your poem in that I like to ponder and chew over things. Ruminating is comfortable to me even though it sometimes makes my brain go into over-drive.

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