Snippets 419, 421, 427, 428

From June 2022.

an attentive chair
an inscrutable table
a good couch without frills

The lively whispering night
the dark a candid chatterbox
charming a new ear

I’m still the goddess
she whispered
look at the flowers

open a secret door
inhibited hopes
come home as if on cue

7 thoughts on “Snippets 419, 421, 427, 428

    • Thank you. I grew up out in the country and I have never thought of night as calm or peaceful, there was always so much happening, insects, animals, weather…I like being outside at night a lot.

  1. These are great and there is a pleasing uniformity to the rhythm across the whole set. I am especially drawn to #421 as I am one of those people who is keenly aware of noises in the night. Summers are especially cacophonous.

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