Snippets 402-404, 406

From June 2022.

she stood with herself
a careless ghost of the past
a small collection of old thoughts vanished

There are significant funds
fast asleep
under one of the cushions

her lips shrugged to one another
flickered into sulky silence
But tasting harm

the knot
the not
The long
the small
the extinct

9 thoughts on “Snippets 402-404, 406

  1. These are fantastic! The idea of “tasting harm” is superbly incisive. I also love that first poem and the idea that each experience, whatever the degree of significance, changes us so much that our past selves become ghosts – which leads me to think about the way we can allow our past selves to haunt us if we are not vigilant about it.

    • Thank you. Yes, I have been realizing a lot more lately how many ghosts of past me are still walking the earth. I banish them as I see them, if their usefulness is done, but it is not always easy to grab hold of them! And then, there are the few ghosts who maybe should be resurrected. So it’s an ongoing task!

  2. #403 Reminds me of my friend’s grandmother… she had money stashed all over her house. When she died it was like a scavenger hunt – no box or book could be overlooked… so much money and no bank record…

    • I had the same problem with my mother. When she died she had over $4000 stashed in small amounts everywhere. Nothing could be thrown out until it had been searched. A whole house full of this. I add it to my list of things not to do in my old age.

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