Shadorma 380, 382, 383

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

A small witch
trips on her long skirt –
a bunchy
midnight tulle –
her mother catches her hand.
Rights her. Off they fly.

a short ride
home on the bus and
the time it’s
cut so fine
You get dinner on the stove
before your coat’s off

Fine by me
whatever you say
say you do
and doing
decides you that no you don’t-
what do I do then?

2 thoughts on “Shadorma 380, 382, 383

  1. I especially love the witch poem and what it suggests about the relationship. I get the idea of those powers being passed down from mother to daughter like any other form of support and encouragement.

    • Thank you. I saw a little girl dressed for Halloween and this incident happened, and I liked how her mother was there to help her. As you say, I felt if showed the mom was always going to encourage and guide the daughter, and the witch costume, for me, then put it into the context you mention, as well as the real world one, which I enjoyed thinking about.

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