Perhaps With Another Try and Better Luck

From Writing Notebook 2021.

Perhaps With Another Try and Better Luck

Tick tick tickle
The second round of the wheel
Whirls past. Try again.

Permit me my illusions
as to what could wait until later
Pickled pink and it’s not even noon.

You have such a low opinion of me
But I focus on the flawless functioning of
the slow-crimped curls my habitual hairstyle
and the swirl of ideas inside my head
I flap green wings
wrinkled at the hem
and leave you to miss me
which you will one day
and soon


2 thoughts on “Perhaps With Another Try and Better Luck

  1. I think the phrase “pickled pink” is absolutely wonderful. I also like the idea of experiencing the mental liberation from a situation even while still in that situation.

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