From Writing Notebook 2021.


Fry a skillet of soap and water
breathe in that delicious steam
Renew your enthusiasm for life
with this point by point syllabus
Retrain all your senses!
How about another plate of cyan
brushed on with soft chamois cloth
It couldn’t be anything but
deliciously radioactive
Already you snap your fingers
like a Geiger counter
or a set of castanets
Either will do. Dance!


12 thoughts on “Synesthesia

  1. This caught my eye because I do have a bit of synesthesia. It’s a topic of conversation often at our family dinners with children arguing what colors the days of the week are, and their spouses rolling their eyes. 🤣

  2. I like the way you connect all of the senses through your word choices in this poem in order to communicate that experience of synesthesia. I do not have synesthesia but my husband does. He has strong and specific colour associations with certain experiences. Aren’t brains interesting?

  3. I had no idea synesthesia was a thing. I think I have it! Since a child I connect the letter R with the numeric three. I still do. No idea why. Don’t have it with the other letters or numbers. I’ll be alert to other stuff as they come up.

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