In the Darkness Sparks and Tricks

From Writing Notebook 2021.

In the Darkness Sparks and Tricks

Very nice to see your dynamic in action
Mansion of screaming ghosts in disgrace
enduring a flailing night of pain
wearing what looks like cheap nightgowns
belted up with shoelaces tied in granny knots.
The weary distressed weeping
no more than flimsy watercolor shadows
flitting through a mist of cotton candy
and the smell of popcorn. What a genius you are
to hire the real thing. And how, may I ask,
are these ancient Egyptians former crowned heads
and miscellaneous riffraff of the afterworld
all getting along? And do they enjoy carnival life?


4 thoughts on “In the Darkness Sparks and Tricks

    • I have thought about this. And I just can’t imagine it unless I throw in my fix-it solution for the afterlife, which is, everything will be made clear at that time!

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