In the Purple Evening

From Writing Notebook 2021.

In the Purple Evening

on the dark train
whose interior lights illuminate little
but cast giant shadows
in a range from veiling to velvet

she took the first seat
turned her face to the
night-blank window
the reflections of her fellow passengers
embedded in the glass
wavy faces and hollow eyes
merged into her own


12 thoughts on “In the Purple Evening

    • Thank you. I was thinking about riding the train home at night after work as I did for many years, and then somehow the memory/experience took a turn into this sort of dreamlike vision thing, and I had to write it down.

        • Yes. sometimes the same thing with the train, and then the announcement of the station over the loudspeaker is too staticky to understand, and you are asking people around you, where are we? what did they say?

        • People come to ignore them for all these reasons. Then that is how you get that guy running down the aisle banging each seat with his swinging briefcase as he yells, wait, hold the train, trying to get out having missed seeing his stop and of course the announcement was useless.!

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