Courtroom Drama

From Writing Notebook 2021.

Courtroom Drama

I never said another word to him.
Either that or I killed him.

My testimony today is
an account of the blank notebook
in which
words and words and words
written in careful script
but then time passed
and things happened

when eventually
clear handwriting fell into
ink blots that smeared into
in S-curves that strangled thoughts

and thorny black marker strokes
tangled the hands that bled to write

and yet there were
still more pages
in the notebook
so many fresh sheets
yet to be stabbed by
sharp-pointed crosshatchings
so many pages of future storm clouds
risen up out of the obliterations
of angry ink

Yes. In summary:
You can say
I enjoy a lively pen
and a good narrative
and the anticipation of
a cathartic ending.

You’re not sure what I mean,
are you?
Either way
he is quiet now
isn’t he?
And I have nothing more to say.


15 thoughts on “Courtroom Drama

    • I used to think the goal was to get to the answers (the goal of everything, I mean). Now I think I much prefer the ambiguous life, no answers, or lots of answers, however you choose.

    • Yes. The way things are in this life, I think. Turning over a new page, well, is it really possible to separate it from all the others? (especially if you lose your place and have to reread!!!)

    • Thank you. I appreciate your faithful reading of my work, it means a lot to me that you still find interesting things in it. I like this poem myself a lot and I especially like to express what I feel about life, such as, it is confusing and full of the opposite things happening at the same time!

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