In the Stillness

From Writing Notebook 2021.

In the Stillness

in the early winter evening
I sit in my armchair
under the water-damaged ceiling

the dim overhead light
shines down on me
a feeble moon in a murky sky

again I lay out plans to
make repairs that
I know I’ll never carry out

shadowy pockmarks in the plaster
are an asteroid field of tiny planets
the firmament turns above me

here in my shabby house
I mark the days in sameness
but not tonight:

I gaze into the darkness
and hope for stars.


4 thoughts on “In the Stillness

    • I think this is a wonderful question you have asked. It’s hard to pick the beginning of a circle, that is how I think of it. You maybe just jump on where you can.

    • I think you are so right. I have felt that way a lot in my past, that I have needed to just grab hold of something positive, however small, and try to get it to grow, and quite often, even if it doesn’t all work out, well, I feel better just with the manufactured hope to focus on.

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