8 thoughts on “Haiku 984, 985, 986

  1. #985 describes too many town centres these days. My husband took one of our sons to a place last weekend that he described as being post-apocalyptic empty. And #986 describes my week last week. My schedule was so nuts that even cloning myself would not have made enough difference.

    • I don’t even know anymore what a walkable town is, and why you would usually want to shop there. Even shopping centers are going along this path. It makes me feel sad.

      • So many towns now have near empty malls just sitting like carbuncles in their centres and strip malls with empty units. My husband and I were just talking about possible solutions recently and we came up with the idea of turning them into community hubs with all sorts of amenities housed within them, including peppercorn rents for non-profit organizations, work spaces for creators, to increase footfall for the retail spaces. However, we both agreed it is probably too late for any solution to work.

        • Your ideas are good and I agree with them. But, as I understand it, the values involved of the land and/or buildings are too high to go this route – eventually the places will be redeveloped into something that can give the needed return.No one seems to notice that maybe there are too many of these places already and will they ever be worth the $ they were? Only time will tell. I have often wanted one of these empty office buildings to rent me an office for a manageable sum and then I’d have a retreat just for me, but…it does not seem to be catching anyone’s fancy to do this!

        • Yes, that is the problem. There is so much investment tied up in these spaces that they would rather level it and turn the site into something else that may yield a return than to try and make the existing space viable again.

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