Haiku 968, 969, 970

Downhill all the way
this one-way road trip. Pack light –
I hear it’s warm there.

I’m soft as butter
Shaves down my edges, yes,
this mortal world does

Repeat this story.
It’s no risk to you. Come on.
Multiply it up.

10 thoughts on “Haiku 968, 969, 970

    • Thank you. And I know we all know or have known people who should be packing for a warm future, unless they make some changes (I like to think anyone can make a turnaround)!

  1. All three poems are great but I especially like the central one. There is something about that tension between the gentle idea of gradual melting or the softness of the butter and the juxtaposed use of the words “shaves” and “edges” and the sharpness those imply that really makes it effective.

    • I make cakes a lot and many employ butter as an ingredient. I keep my extra butter in the freezer, and for some reason I have been interested in how it softens in the fridge (only so much) or on the counter (fast) and then there is when I forget to take it out and have to use a grater on it. So butter is surprisingly complex, if you think about it this way!

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