Floated to Earth

From Writing Notebook 2021.

Floated to Earth

she smooths her fingers across the fabrics
shakes out their weightless folds
all of them beautiful, yes,
but not until she comes to

This one
she says
does she make the selection

a shimmer
laid out along the shop’s worn counter.

She lifts the heavy shears and cuts.


6 thoughts on “Floated to Earth

    • Thank you. There is a quality to the experience of choosing fabric and working with it, no matter what you are making, that is like nothing else. And to me, the feel of the fabric is as important if not more than the look of it,

  1. I love to go fabric shopping as I’m a vert texturally inclined person!! Your poem is the perfect description – you know when you feel it that it is the ONE!

    • Yes. And I feel the same way about yarn and knitting. I cannot knit with a yarn, no matter how beautiful it is, if I don’t like the feel of it in my hands.

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