How We Do Things Here and It’s a Good Way

From Writing Notebook 2021.

How We Do Things Here and It’s a Good Way

Related to the inability to work out a plan
was the persecution of the second cluster of ideas
put forth by the opposition
by the machinations of the entrenched majority
right on schedule
as the part of the root pursuit of decision
featuring costly
and often untimely
and certainly unseemly
but ever so productive and entertaining
on display in the staff meeting.

The fistfight that spilled over into the hall
and the doughnut flinging
the shouting the cursing
the ritual of pushing over a desk or two
We pride ourselves on
just the right mix of out-of-control mayhem
and effective management.

By the way, we’re hiring.


8 thoughts on “How We Do Things Here and It’s a Good Way

  1. The first stanza made me judder at the memory of some staff meetings of jobs past so the turn of the second stanza made me chuckle and the punch of the final line made me laugh out loud to myself.

    • The words “staff Meeting” still can give me a chill (in a bad kind of way). IF only I had been writing back then, I could have kept my notes from so many meetings and probably written masterpieces of obfuscatory poetry. (If obfuscatory is a word???)

  2. Claudia I am flabbergasted and still chuckling! The poem captures so many staff meetings I’ve attended! Although there was no desk flipping or donut flinging in actuality, it still happened just as you describe!

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