An Afternoon in a Certain Kind of Place

From Writing Notebook 2021.

An Afternoon in a Certain Kind of Place

Even as the steel skewer
despairs of a different life
it finds a way to speak:
a hard deep stab in the wannabe

a guy simply picking a steak off the grill
a man hard at his work
burning meat in the outdoor kitchen
crammed next to the pool crammed into
the backyard of his big-mortgage
thirteen room plus finished basement
crammed on an eighth of an acre house and
now he is screeching.

The meat sizzles.

The skewer glints in the sun.


4 thoughts on “An Afternoon in a Certain Kind of Place

    • Thank you. I see these mega houses they are building and how quick people are to gussy up the back yards which are always very small, and so all this stuff crammed in there, and the neighbor’s version right next door. Got me to thinking.

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