Naturally It’s a Disaster

From Writing Notebook 2021.

Naturally It’s a Disaster

it scares me more than drowning
the idea of getting my hair wet
but it was that or be left behind
and I hate that worst of all
the thought of other people
having a good time
bad time
any time
without me
it motivates me like nothing else

I jump
over the rail
and swim


5 thoughts on “Naturally It’s a Disaster

    • And how powerful the need to fit in with the crowd can be, too, I am amazed sometimes what people will do not to be left out. I’m kind of poking fun here but I also think it can make people miserable, this feeling of pressure to stay in touch or involved.

      • I remember feeling that peer pressure from others but I was always so much my own person that I never caved to it. In fact, I would often do the opposite of whatever the popular or conformist thing was. I see it more with my own kids now, however, the push and pull of the peer pressure against their non-conformity.

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