14 thoughts on “The Gap That Will Be Filled

    • Yes. Our power lines go across the back yard. One day I saw the squirrel hanging just as described, gruesome. I would not have thought it possible that this would occur like this, but, there it was. I watched to see what would happen over a few days and that is when I saw the hawk. He did not go for the squirrel, which some days later I noticed had finally either fallen or been taken. I looked for his body below the pole, but nothing, so someone got a meal in the end…

    • Yes. I could not believe my eyes when I noticed the squirrel, and I kept an eye on it over a few days until it disappeared, fell or taken I don’t know. The hawk I mention here did not try for the hanging squirrel.

  1. In South Africa the power lines have been made safe – don’t ask me how – so the birds and other animals don”t get electrocuted. Such a sad sight!

    • Yes, we have the same thing here, I’ve never seen an animal or bird electrocuted by the wires, but somehow this squirrel found a spot, maybe a connection, right next to the pole where there is a lot of electrical stuff (no idea what – it just looks tangly). I was really taken aback when I realized the squirrel was not just doing a trapeze act and enjoying hanging upside down. Gruesome.

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